Talent Acquisition Team

Talent Acquisition Team

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TLDR: This is the public page of our Talent Acquisition team.

❓ About Us

Welcome to the Talent Acquisition page at Wonder! We are a diverse team operating remotely and working together to grow the Wonder team. Our aim is to build an inclusive Talent culture combining our collective experiences and previous business knowledge 🚀

🤷🏼‍♂️ Our Team

🎯 Objectives & Team Mission

Our goal is to hire great people that can develop the company, build the product and expand our market potential. By delivering a personal and engaging candidate experience, we want the journey to be a comfortable and a learning experience that works both ways. By the end of the journey we hope the candidate will have gained valuable insight into what it means to work at Wonder.


  • Scale Wonder teams
  • Create fast and efficient selection processes
  • Train interviewers on the best engagement practices
  • Build a strong data oriented culture
  • Enable data based decisions
  • Monitor and enhance Candidate Experience

🧩 Current Projects

  • Rewrite and Revamp Job Descriptions
  • Candidate NPS Analysis
  • Referral Leads Generation sessions

🧠 How We Think & Work

Wonder is at a stage where we are building every aspect of our product and culture. We want to hire people who have tasted success building something meaningful. People that resonate with our diverse hiring philosophy and adoption of hiring best practices using data and insights to achieve our goals.

🙌 Open Positions

We are currently hiring different roles in Engineering, Design, Marketing and business. Please check our open positions in the link below!


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