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TL;DR: This page explains how we communicate internally, including regular meetings we have to stay in sync.


There are a few regular meetings we use to stay in sync (see

) both across the company and within teams. Especially for remote work, we find it helpful to have a regular cadence of meetings to stay connected.

Mandatory meetings

Hi All! (Daily 14:15-14:30)

Every day, we get together for 15 minutes to chat about whatever. No rules or agenda, though people are encouraged to not chat about work πŸ˜‰

TGIF & open bar (Friday 14:30-15:00, weekly)

The purpose of this meeting is to stay in sync, connect to the wider team and share some successes and failures. Each team gives a broad overview over stuff they worked on, what they are proud of, what they struggled with. People hang around afterwards to chat.

OKR sessions (every 8 weeks)

Once a month, we get together as a team to plan the month ahead. Find out more about the OKR process here

or check out our current OKRs here

Optional meetings

Brown Bean Bag Lunch (Thursday 13:00-13:45, weekly)

Every week, someone from the team presents some topic they are personally interested in. Find out more under

Team events (monthly, varying)

We try to organise at least one team event per month. Company-wide events are always virtual, while team events are sometimes in-person. You can find some examples of past team events hereΒ 

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