Relocation & Visa Sponsorship

Relocation & Visa Sponsorship

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TL;DR: Learn about our relocation options, remote-first culture, visa sponsorship, flat search, the Berlin life, job search tips etc...


We are well experienced in building international teams and see

as our key drivers to create a successful and thriving culture. Our team already consists of many different nationalities from all over the world 🌏.

As a remote-first organisation (

), we let our employees decide where they work and most of our international hires work remotely from their home country. However, as a company registered in Germany, we're in the unique position to support you and your family's relocation to Berlin and sponsor your visa in Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ . So, if you're interested, read on!

Relocation Package

It’s a brave decision to leave everything behind when moving to a new country, especially with family and children. Many of us went through it themselves. Be sure, we will guide you along the way and do everything to make your move and onboarding as smooth and enjoyable as possible! Here's what's included in your relocation package:

  • Full VISA/Blue-Card sponsorship for you and your loved ones
  • Help with apartment search
  • Help with German authorities
  • Help with finding the right kindergarten and school for your kids
  • And anything else we can do to guarantee your smooth arrival to awesome Berlin

We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage applicants from any national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religious background, gender identity and those individuals with disabilities to apply.

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