TestRTC Spike

Testing environment build for testing WebRTC based applications.

  • Full visualization of WebRTC mertics and APIs
  • Root cause analysis of common errors. Collect and store relevant logs, screenshots and data points
  • Test across multiple geographical locations
  • Test over a varient of network and firewall configurations
  • Validate both stable and beta browser versions
  • Scale a test from 1 to 1000 parallel browsers
  • Monitor the true uptime of your WebRTC service

Official Docs


  • swagger api is available here
  • really detailed test report with WebRTC stats
  • browser support (chrome, firefox, chrome canary) which is great, we can test Wonder in upcoming chrome release candidate and prevent any issues which might come with it
  • internet profiling, location profiling, firewall emulator
  • built in support for checking if the video/audio transmission is happening
  • webhooks


  • scripts support only https://nightwatchjs.org/ (i guess it is not that bad)
  • there is a way to trigger a test, but I guess it is still has some limitations if we would like to run it from cypress

In general this is a good testing environment for WebRTC based Apps and since we are one of them we should consider to use it.

Test Result Page


Integration result page