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TL;DR: This is the public page of our Product Engineering team.

โ“ About Us

Welcome to the page of the Product Engineering team at Wonder. We are currently 13 engineers, designers and product managers. We are an international English-speaking team with people from all over the world and responsible for building the product. We ship major new features bi-weekly while making sure the product runs smoothly and without bugs. Weโ€™re fast ๐Ÿš€

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๐ŸŽฏ Objectives & Team Mission

Our job is both simple and complex. Firstly, we have to understand the market that we operate in, which means an understanding of our users. Secondly, we have to provide a service that consistently meets their needs, as well as the needs of our business. That's really it. But because our market is in a state of constant flux - competitors launch new products, technology advances, consumer behaviour changes - we have to keep up. We do that through:


We interview users. We observe them. We study our market and adjacent markets. We look for historical and emerging trends and innovations in technology and user behaviour. We run experiments. We take measured and responsible bets to prove or disprove hypotheses. We use whatever tools, insights, and methods are at our disposal to continually reduce the probability that we are wrong in our assumptions, and increase the probability that we are correct.


Using the insight from above, we try and design services that are coherent, intuitive, sustainable, delightful, accessible, profitable, useful, scalable, secure, memorable, feasible, and a myriad of other things.


We implement the solutions that we feel are going to meet our user's needs, with the intention of working on whatever is the most impactful thing is right now.

People and processes

This underpins everything. We regularly review the foundations upon which these activities happen. Meeting rituals. Programming workflows. The discovery process. How we minimise handoffs between different disciplines like design and engineering, or product and design, or product and engineering. How we minimise the gap between the makers and users. Preventing silos. Personalities. Playing to people's strengths. Team dynamics and reporting lines. Diversity. Team structures and areas of responsibility. Goal setting.

๐Ÿง  How We Think & Work

We think outcome-first: "What is it we're trying to achieve? And what is the most effective way of achieving it?"

Inevitably that means finding a way of increasing our confidence and validating our assumptions.

Once we've achieved a level of confidence we're comfortable with, we'll move forward. This will vary from situation to situation.

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