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TL;DR: This is the public page of our People team.

❓ About Us

Welcome to the page of the People function at Wonder! We are currently a one woman show, but we are planing to grow the team soon (find open positions below).

🤷🏼‍♂️ Our Team

🎯 Objectives & Team Mission

We work on enabling teams to be more efficient and innovative by providing a people-first approach. Our main goal is to develop an organization that is based on collaboration, constructive communication and feedback.


  • People operation processes
  • Organizational development
  • Career mapping
  • Global hiring
  • Feedback framework

🧩 Current Projects

  • Strength-based Personal Development
  • Wonder's Competency Matrix
  • Onboarding - Offboarding
  • Global hiring process

🧠 How We Think & Work

We look at Wonder from a people-first perspective, while having a product approach for processes. The people function is part of the backbone of any organization, therefore our aim is to make scale up smooth, clear and easy to navigate.

🙌 Open Positions


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