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TL;DR: We place a lot of emphasis on a a good onboarding experience, especially in our remote-first context. Here's how your onboarding experience might look like.

We put a lot of time and energy into onboarding, as it's especially important for remote team members. We focus not only on practical matters, but also on getting to know the team and learning about other parts of the company. What's especially important for us is

  • Comprehensive: onboarding is not just about your tasks, but getting to know the company, the people behind it, the values and the product. So our onboarding process covers all these things to make sure that you really feel connected and a full member of the team.
  • Gamified: onboarding should be fun! We add some little challenges and games to make it less dry
  • Spread out: a full week of lectures is not digestible. People switch off and can't remember anything. So we spread the onboarding process over the course of the first few months
  • People own their own onboarding: beyond the very core meetings, we give you your onboarding steps as a list of tasks on your personal Notion page that you can work off at your own pace. We give you some guidance as to when people usually go about those steps, but you can pick your own pace.
  • Asynchronous: we think it's super important to document policies, decisions and our day-to-day work. Everything should be accessible to to everyone to browse. So we help you navigate our Notion, where you can find answers to lots of questions you might have.

Here is an example of what your onboarding schedule will look like:

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