Data Team

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TL;DR: This is the public page of our Data team.

❓ About Us

Welcome to the page of the Data team at Wonder! We're a relatively new team with currently one person in charge but we are planning to grow our team size over the next months. We are working very closely with the other teams, especially Product, Engineering and Marketing. From data storage to visualisation to education, our responsibilities are anything and everything data.

🤷🏼‍♂️ Our Team

🎯 Objectives & Team Mission

Our goal in the data team is to turn our raw data into information that everyone in the company can use to make more informed decisions. This means that we need resilient ETL pipelines that can find problems before the data is shown to the company. Moreover, we need clear and well explained visualisations that anyone can find and understand. Finally, we need to educate other teams on what data means, how it can be used and what the limitations are.


  • Building & Maintaining ETL pipelines
  • Defining KPIs and their predictors
  • Visualising data cleanly
  • Driving a data-informed culture

🧩 Current Projects

  • Moving the BI DB to Redshift
  • Defining the User Journey
  • Defining & Processing events for Wonder 2.0
  • Developing methodologies to make important decisions more evidence-driven

🧠 How We Think & Work

In the Data team, we view ourselves as a product whose customers are the employees of Wonder. This means that we prioritise things like simplicity, ease of understanding, and making all of our work accessible to all. If anyone at Wonder misunderstands some data, this is on the data team and means we need to improve our product.

🙌 Open Positions

There are currently no open positions in the data team, check back in later or have a look at our other positions!


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