Senior Fullstack Engineer (x/f/m)

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Location: Anywhere or Berlin Experience: Senior Architect Principal

Let's build the world's best meeting app for groups together.

Why Us

The origins of Video Conferencing can be traced back to the 1870s.

Not a typo! Look it up. It really isn’t a new idea, although it took about another 100 years to start resembling what we see today. We are fascinated by it, visual and facial signalling makes up over 50% of our communication. Seeing is so much more than just talking.

There are only a handful of companies pushing this technology, I’m proud to say Wonder is one of them.

Your Benefits


This role exists because Wonder is at the forefront of building exciting ways for groups to communicate and interact online.

This is definitely not your average eCommerce, FinTech, or Travel company. In Europe alone there are over 9000 fintech startups, all trying to solve the same problems. Why follow the herd?

In our domain, there are only a handful of companies at this frontier of browser-based applications for online meetings. We see only 3 - 5 serious contenders in this space Globally.

Wonder’s engineering team has unique challenges ahead. Imagine being part of the original V8 team, facing off against Firefox and Internet Explorer in 2006 and trying to 10x JavaScript and ending up 100x’ing it. That’s where we are now at Wonder!

Your Challenge


  • Learn new technologies to tackle problems you have never encountered before
  • Architect and build a snappy, jitter-free frontend that delights millions of users every day
  • Apply and advance real-time collaboration and game design patterns
  • Come up with complex algorithms for speaking detection and collision detection
  • Apply state-of-the-art technologies from HTML5 and recent web APIs


  • Architect and scale our growing global low-latency infrastructure
  • Master a cluster of WebRTC SFUs in a mesh of production and canary deployments to deliver a great experience to millions of simultaneous users
  • Apply and advance best practices from adjacent domains, like game design and real-time collaboration
  • Help maintain zero downtime and be a driver of operational excellence within a high velocity development environment
  • Write code 😄

Your Profile

  • You have a spike in one of the traits we value: Craft, Ownership, Growth Mindset and Empathy. Check out our
    Culture & Values
    to learn more
  • Know the latest state of technology and what we can do with it
  • You have experience in at least one more programming language (e.g. C/C++, Go, RustPython, Java)
  • You have experience across the full JS-based stack (both Node.JS and ReactJS)
  • Ideally, you have experience with PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, WebRTC, Redis, CI/CD

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