Attractive Compensation & Perks

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TL;DR: Here is an overview about our compensation & perks we offer at Wonder.

It shouldn't be the only thing that matters, but got to pay those bills!

People value different things (and that's o.k.)

At Wonder, we let employees configure their own compensation package, consisting of a base salary, stock options, a holiday allowance and a personal development budget.

Trade your salary for company perks

Our baseline offer contains the lowest value for personal development, holidays and

. You can trade all of these against salary within a certain range.


We've applied limits because it's important for everyone to get enough holiday, invest in their personal development and take real ownership in Wonder.

Base salary:

We offer high-end salaries based on local markets.

Stock options (VSOP):

  • Trade: you may trade up to half your annual gross salary against stock options. Each 1 EUR sacrifice in salary will get you 4 EUR in stock options.


  • Minimum: 25 days
  • Maximum: 40 days
  • Trade: you may increase your holiday allowance by one day by sacrificing 0,45% of your annual gross salary

Personal development:

  • Minimum: 1.000 EUR per year
  • Maximum: 4.000 EUR per year
  • Trade: you may trade your gross salary for personal development. Each 1 EUR sacrifice in salary will get you 2 EUR in personal development

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